World War Deaths - Linked Families

10 - Joseph Strangeway

  • 1   Joseph Strangeway  b: abt Feb 1864 Market Weighton, Yorkshire  d: 16 May 1921 Harehills, Leeds, Yorkshire  
  • ..  +Elizabeth Frances Holmes  b: abt 1867 Leeds, Yorkshire m: abt May 1884 St Philip, Wellington Street, Leeds d: Aft. 1915 Father: John Holmes Mother: Mary A x
  • ... 2   Leana Strangeway aka: Lena or Leahana b: abt May 1884 Leeds West, Yorkshire    
  • .......  +Tom C Fowler  b: abt 1880 Leeds, Yorkshire ? m: abt Aug 1903 St Paul, Leeds, Yorkshire   
  • ... 2   Joseph Strangeway  b: abt Dec 1889 Leeds West, Yorkshire  d: 08 Nov 1915 Ypres, Belgium  
  • ... 2   Florence Strangeway  b: abt Aug 1892 Leeds, Yorkshire    
  • .......  +Walton Cordeaux  b: abt 1890 Leeds, Yorkshire ? m: abt May 1918 St Andrew, Leeds   
  • ... 2   Mary Esther Strangeway  b: abt May 1895 Leeds West, Yorkshire  d: abt May 1898 Leeds, Yorkshire  
  • ... 2   Honorah Strangeway  b: abt May 1897 Leeds West, Yorkshire  d: abt May 1905 Leeds, Yorkshire  
  • ... 2   John Henry Strangeway  b: 08 Jul 1899 Leeds West, Yorkshire  d: Oct 1985 Leeds, Yorkshire  
  • .......  +Mary Crumpton  b: abt 1904 m: abt May 1925 Pontefract, Yorkshire   
  • ........ 3   Ernest Strangeway  b: abt May 1926 Leeds, Yorkshire    
  • ........ 3   Peter Strangeway  b: abt Nov 1929 Leeds North, Yorkshire    
  • ... 2   Mary Strangeway  b: abt May 1902 Leeds West, Yorkshire    
  • .......  +Hugh Burke  b: abt 1902 Leeds, Yorkshire ? m: abt 1928 St Annes Cathedral, Cookridge Street, Leeds   
  • ... 2   Augustus Strangeway  b: abt Feb 1904 Leeds West, Yorkshire  d: abt Mar 1904 Beckett Street, Leeds  
  • ... 2   Winifred Strangeway  b: abt Feb 1905 Leeds West, Yorkshire    
  • ... 2   Bernard Strangeway  b: 08 Aug 1907 Leeds West, Yorkshire  d: Jan 1984 Leeds, Yorkshire  
  • .......  +Maria Milner  b: 11 Jul 1908 Leeds, Yorkshire ? m: abt 1932 Register Office, Leeds, Yorkshire d: Oct 1995 Leeds, Yorkshire  
  • ... 2   Violet Strangeway  b: abt Feb 1911 Bramley, Leeds, Yorkshire

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The above book - Wives and Daughters by Joanna Martin - provides much background information about the Fox-Strangways family, their lives and social connections.