World War Deaths - Linked Families

1 - Arthur Edward Filmer Strangways-Rogers

1  Dr Lawrence Gwynne b: Jan 1772 Fenchurch, London
.+Mary Cope b: 1778 m: 10 Aug 1799 St Sepulchre, Holborn
..2  Rev Lawrence Gwynne b: 1802 London
..2  Maria Ann Gwynne b: 1803
..2  Emma Terry Gwynne b: 1807 d: 1893
..2  Sophia Mary Gwynne b: 1811 d: 1897
..2  Harriet Martha Rosa Gwynne b: 1811 d: 1895
*2nd Wife of Lawrence Gwynne:
.+Sarah Strangways b: 13 Jul 1793 Camberwell, Surrey m: 11 May 1828 West Teignmouth, Devon d: 02 Jan 1883 Teignmouth, Devon
..2  Emily Laurentia Gwynne b: 1830 Teignmouth, Devon d: 14 Sep 1890
......+Reginald William Templer b: 1826 Ashburton, Devon
.......3  Reginald Gwynne Templer b: 1858 Teignmouth, Devon
.......3  Charles Strangways Templer b: 1862 Teignmouth, Devon
.......3  Eva Harriet Wyndham Templer b: 1865 Teignmouth, Devon
.......3  Caroline Mary Templer b: 1867 Teignmouth, Devon
.......3  Ada Laurentia Templer b: 1868 Teignmouth, Devon
.......3  Frederick George Sunter Templer b: Nov 1872 Teignmouth, Devon d: 13 Mar 1908 of Hyde Park Gate, Middlesex
...........+Ethel Walker b: 1869 m: 31 Jul 1907 Holy Trinity, Brompton
..2  Clara Gwynne b: 1832 Teignmouth, Devon d: 1879
......+Octavius Toogood b: 1824 Bridgewater, Somerset d: 1892
.......3  Charles Frederick S G Toogood b: 1862 d: Nov 1936 Newton Abbott, Devon
..2  Ellen Gwynne b: 02 Dec 1832 Teignmouth, Devon
......+Arundel Rogers b: 28 Feb 1825 Helston, Cornwall m: Jun 1870 Newton Abbot, Devon d: Sep 1889 Newton Abbot, Devon
.......3  Arundel Gwynne Rogers b: 02 May 1871 Chelsea, London, Middlesex d: Dec 1939 Hastings, Sussex
.......3  Arthur Strangways Rogers b: 24 Jan 1873 Chelsea, London, Middlesex d: 17 Jun 1927 St Leonards on Sea, Sussex
...........+Helen Marguerite Filmer b: 1874 St Georges, London m: 22 Apr 1897 d: Jun 1919 Hastings, Sussex
............4  Dorothy Marguerite Augusta Strangways-Rogers b: Abt. Feb 1898 Hastings, Sussex d: 1921 Davos, Switzerland
............4  Arthur Edward Frederick Filmer Strangways-Rogers b: Abt. Aug 1899 Hastings, Sussex d: 04 Nov 1918 Villers-Pol, Nord, France
..2  Adah Gwynne b: 1836 Teignmouth, Devon d: 10 May 1913 Newton Abbott, Devon
......+James William Fitzgerald Butler b: 10 Oct 1837 Waterville, Kildare, Ireland m: 04 May 1858 d: 12 May 1873 Warwick, Warwickshire
.......3  Ada Emily Gwynne FitzGerald Butler b: 20 Jan 1860 Waterville, Kildare, Ireland d: 11 Aug 1898 Newton Abbott, Devon
.......3  Synolda Ellen Le Petit Butler b: 09 Jan 1861 Nice, Alpes-Maritimes d: 04 Nov 1890
...........+John Winston Thomas Munro-Spencer b: 27 Sep 1849m: 17 Jan 1884 d: 27 Nov 1916
............4  Almeric Stuart John Munro-Spencer b: 26 Aug 1885 d: 16 Mar 1960
................+Phyllis Margaret Rivers m: 17 Jul 1912
.................5  Synolda Joan Margaret Spencer b: 19 Jan 1914
.....................+Cecil Campbell Hardy m: 27 Sep 1949 d: 08 Dec 1963
.......3  Alexandra Amy Geraldine Butler b: 11 Aug 1863 Devon d: 01 May 1931 Chelsea, London
.......3  James William Augustine FitzGerald Butler b: 27 Jun 1865 Waterville, Kildare, Ireland d: 30 Jun 1865

The assumption is that Sarah is the daughter of Thomas Littleton Strangways and Deborah Brewer - so is the grand child of Giles and Mary (nee Edwards) Strangways of Charlton Adams who appear in the Dorset pedigrees.

As with all these family trees there are likely to be errors and gaps - since few (no?) family trees are ever complete or provide the fully detailed story of something as complex as a family’s history . And it is impossible to wait until all the details are confirmed before publishing what fragments are known about a family tree - since family trees will always have gaps. All the information listed here has been obtained from publicly available sources. Sources put online by both official outlets and through the efforts of amateur researchers. Also note that many of the BMD entries only refer to the Quarter and the Registration District where the event was registered - since these are a main source of the public records.

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The above book - Wives and Daughters by Joanna Martin - provides much background information about the Fox-Strangways family, their lives and social connections.